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Chamber Wellness

Welcome to our wellness program

The Chamber is all about promoting wellness in the workplace and in your personal life. Healthy individuals are more productive at work and less absent as well. In addition, healthy living promotes longer lifespan and fewer illnesses.

In today’s busy business life we rarely have time to make it to the gym and even less time to sit down to a sensible meal. Therefore we must supplement a lot of the nutrients we miss out on. And with the increasing cost of medicine and insurance that can be difficult.

In an effort to help our community the chamber has partnered up with one or our members and a leading company in their field to bring a huge savings to you. Take advantage of the Chamber discount and start living better!

To get your corporate discount you must enter FTLCHAMBER (case sensitive) under the promotion code tab in your shopping cart on the MDR website.

How to get started
Visit where you'll find products to suit your individual needs. Plus, articles to keep you up to date on the latest discoveries in science and nutrition. You can also register to receive free issues of our Wellness Magazine as well as MDR Newsletters, Health Tips, and special discount offers sent to your e-mail. Learn more >>>