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Small Business Awards Nomination Form 2019

The Small Business of the Year Awards acknowledges the success of small businesses and honors their contributions with in our community. The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize eight of its own Chamber members in the following categories:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Professional Services
  • Retail Products & Services
  • Small Business Person of the Year
  • Marine Services
  • Construction
  • Must be a Chamber Member.
  • 100 or fewer employees
  • No employee limits for nonprofits
  • Growth and performance
  • Commitment to the community and the chamber
  • Product/service innovation 
  • High ethical standards
  • Sound business strategies and practices.

A panel of judges coordinated by the Small Business Committee and community leaders evaluates nominations based on the information provided in this form. Applications & fees must be submitted electronically via this form by 5 p.m, April 5 , 2019. Hand written forms will NOT be accepted.

Please note that only one winner per category will be awarded. There is no separate application for The Small Business Person of the Year. That recipient is selected by the judges based on the answers given in the following form.  

An application fee of $60 will be charged to all nominations & includes breakfast. Awards will be announced and presented on May 3, 2019. If you have not received confirmation of your nomination within one business day, please contact Doug Frens (954) 462-2570 or email



If you are nominating another member please fill out this section and submit the form. A chamber administrator will notify the nominated member and request they fill out the the nomination application.

Are you nominating another person?
Nominee Name
Nominee Email Address
Nominator's Name
Nominator's Email Address
1. Tell the judges why you are nominating this company?
2. What attributes make them stand out in their category?
3. What do you like most about this business?
4. Is there anything you would like the judges to know about the owner of this business?

If you are nominating another member, please stop filling out this form NOW.


If this is a self nomination please answer the 7 questions below and submit the form.  This year the Judges are requesting that your responses be limited to 250 words per question. Even though this word document may allow more words, anything beyond the 250 word count will not be considered part of your response.

Name of Business
email address
Phone Number

Select a Category
Is the Company a GFLCC Member?
Is the company headquarters in Broward County?
Does the company employ less than 100 employees?

1. Please describe the products or services your company provides and the year it was created and why?
2. What makes your business unique? What practices or innovations significantly contributed to this?
3. What has helped you become a success as a business owner?
4. What has been the greatest challenge in the development and/or growth of the organization, and how have your board, staff and shareholders worked together to address and overcome this challenge?
5. Describe your company's involvement in the chamber's activities: i.e. committees, event sponsorship, volunteer/leadership positions, and attendance at events
6. What is your company's or your own contribution/impact to the community at large? be specific
7. What personal goals/vision do you have for your company or yourself? why will these goals have a lasting impact on our community?
Please write a brief one or two sentence description of your business. This will be read aloud if you are selected as a finalists at the event.

Nomination Fee: $60.00

Nomination fee includes admission to the breakfast event.

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